Mother’s Day Kardashian Family Drama

Even if you don’t like the Kardashian family, nobody wants to have a Momma and her daughters fighting before Mother’s Day right?
Kris Jenner is allegedly in a feud with daughters, Kim, Kourtney and Khloe. In Touch Weekly is reporting that her involvement in her daughters lives is becoming too much. She is over managing their lives when first and foremost she needs to be a Mother. Read it all here.

Of course, Momma Kris spoke out on her blog stating that everything is in tact with their relationships and it is another fabricated magazine story.  You knew that was coming right?

The Kardashian family recently just signed on for season 7 of shooting their reality show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” which airs on E!.  Kris also is claiming that everything is going great with the new season and their aren’t any issues there.

I find it hard to think that everything is super perfect in the Kardashian world.  It has to be hard to work so closely day in and day out with your family.  Not just in Hollywood or reality TV, but anywhere doing anything!! Mothers and daughters are close, but when you work that closely, tension has to be there.  No?  Kris manages Kim and media reports state Kim may be wanting to break away from her Mother as her manager.  Maybe it would be easier to just have “Momma” be “Momma” and not “Momma Manager.”  Just my opinion.

With Mother’s Day approaching Sunday, hopefully, there will be alot of kissing and hugging, loving and appreciating in the Kardashian household.  Maybe the family will not thinking about all the reality money they are making and just appreciate the blessings they all have!

To every single Momma reading this…Happy Mother’s Day.  Love yourself harder.  Hug yourself tighter. Kisses!



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