“Live” Star EXCLUSIVE: Scars On 45 “Heart On Fire” Featured On “Grey’s Anatomy” Promo

Their songs have been featured in TV shows like, “CSI: New York” and another song was the music you heard in the fall “Greys Anatomy” promotional campaign on ABC. In other words, you’re probably familiar with “Scars On 45” music and didn’t know it.

And even though those credentials are pretty cool, nothing is cooler than visiting with this band from Bradford, England. Don’t feel bad, I didn’t know where it was either. Just know the English accents are thick.

When I asked the band during their performance in our Baierl Acura Theater prior to their concert with Ingrid Michaelson that night how the only female member of the band, Aimee was discovered, lead singer Danny admitted, “we didn’t know any girls”.

Well, as it turned out that was not entirely true. Nova, the keyboard player knew Aimee from school. And during one of her drop-overs to his place, she started singing along to Nova’s doodling on the keyboards. One thing lead to another and I think you will observe like I did that Aimee’s voice is what sets this band apart.

First listen to the sexy English accents in our conversation, then listen to “Heart On Fire”. Tell me if you don’t recognize it from TV.


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