There aren’t to many people that can claim they toured with KISS. Yes, the iconic rock band with face paint and one large tongue. And fewer can tell you a story about eating dinner with them in Russia. And even fewer can do a slightly less-than-flattering impression of KISS guitarist Paul Stanley.

We welcomed Mike Ruocco (pronounced “ROCK-oh) into our performance studio, the Baierl Acura Theater, this week to dig on some of his music from the new album, “The Rise. The Ride. The Risk.”

Prior to Mike’s recent solo career he fronted a rock band called “Cinder Road”. It was with that band that he toured the world playing as an opener for KISS a few years ago.

Which brings us to Mike’s dinner with KISS in Moscow, Russia. They were instructed to meet up with the band at the Four Seasons Hotel. As Mike put it, never being in a Four Season’s, “that was a good start, even though we were only in the lobby”.

Next stop, the restaurant KISS had reserved for the late night dinner. And then came Mike’s quandary about how to answer the waitress when she turned to him first to ask what he wanted to drink. KISS is known for not being much of a drinking band. Beer, wine or hard liquor he thought.

Hear what his choice was. Better yet, hear what Paul Stanley ordered. Oh, and enjoy the first single from Mike Ruocco’s album, performed “live” at 100.7 Star.


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