What’s your sign? Do you read your horoscope every day? Follow your sign on Twitter? Think it’s a great way to find out what the future holds or think it’s a waste of time?

Many celebs enjoy following and Retweeting things about their sign — Rihanna and Jessie J are especially big fans.

When Neon Trees stopped by CBS Local we asked them if they believe in horoscopes.

“I don’t believe in it, but I love it,” said singer Tyler Glenn. “I think it’s so entertaining. I’m a Sagittarius and there are so many thing about Sagittarius that are applicable to me. But I don’t use it as a daily tool.”

Appropriately enough the @Sagittastrology Twitter handle recently said:

Glenn compared astrology to fortune cookies in terms of reliability, sparking drummer Elaine Bradley to remark, “I love fortune cookies because 90% of them aren’t even fortunes. They’re sayings.”

The practice of astrology dates back to before the birth of Christ, but fortune cookies don’t even come from China. A similar cookie is served in parts of Japan, but by and large it’s an American invention. While the tenants of astrology are based in star positions, and their impact on your traits and personality, fortune cookies are mostly written by Donald Lau, a vice president at Wonton Food.

So, your options are: believe in the stars or believe in Donald Lau.

-Courtney E. Smith, CBS Local


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