So, I don’t have the worst teeth in the world, but I surely don’t have the best teeth.  This story about Charlize Theron couldn’t have come at a better time in my world.  As I was experiencing some pain yesterday from a filling that fell out and a tooth that chipped and another three that are so sensitive to cold and hot I could scream…..I realized even big time amazingly beautiful Hollywood stars have teeth issues!  They are just as normal and human as us.  Well, besides the fact they can spend thousands and fix anything and everything on their bodies to make it look perfect.

Read about her teeth issues here.  Unreal.  I read it  here.  WOW!  More info on her crazy teeth issues here.

I couldn’t believe what I was reading.  The beautiful and stunning Charlize had rotted teeth from childhood issues and really never had good teeth and a full healthy mouth of teeth until she was 11!

Growing up in South Africa she had jaundice very bad and was on antibiotics that rotted her teeth horribly.  Taking pictures as a young child with no teeth was hard for her.  Until, she reached the age of 16 and a modeling agent spotted the beauty with her amazing new teeth and the rest is history!

The Snow White And The Huntsman actress is a recent new Mommy to adopted son Jackson.  I’m sure she will make sure Jackson has good teeth and teeth habits.





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