Totally sad day today as we broke the story that Vincent’s Pizza on Ardmore Boulevard was closed by the Sheriff yesterday.

All morning long we talked to employees and customers of the world famous Vinny pie!

Hard to believe that a pizza can create this much of a stir and become so much the fabric of Pittsburgh…BUT IT IS!

We shared the story with Heather Abraham from KDKA TV2 and she actually spoke to one of the owners who told her that this is a dispute between them and Vincent’s (who passed away a couple years ago) daughter.

Apparently the new owners had an informal agreement that they were to pay 5% of the pizza sales to Vincent (now his daughter).  She took them to court saying that they were to pay 5% of the TOTAL sales.  That is what one of the owners told Heather.

I’m not a lawyer and really don’t know what that means, or how it will be handled, all I know is that we need to #SAVEVINCENTS!

We talked to the General Manager of Vincent;s on Ardmore Blvd Shelly.



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