So, I’m watching the Billboard Music Awards with my daughter and even my 7 year old says what I was thinking….”Momma..who was that girl Justin Bieber hugged?  It isn’t Selena Gomez?”  I told my daughter are right babe..that sure isn’t. 

Since Biebs and his girlfriend are a couple of two years and Selena is big on the Disney show, my little one knew that the girl he was showing love to was not her.

So, after I watched Bieber accept his award for Top Social Artist for The BBMA’s I didn’t think much of it or the mystery young girl he hugged until I came into work today.

Justin had been asked numerous times by 18 year old Virginia senior Cady Eimer to go to her prom with her via her website.  He had always refused, due to obligations,  but finally he responded!  What a way to respond….he couldn’t take her to her prom so he invited her to fly out to the BBM awards!  Read all about it here.

So, did you see the video of how he asked Cady and her sister to the Billboard awards?  Watch here!

Take a look at all the winners from the night here.

I’m thinking Cady will remember this the REST of her life.  She will naturally go on to achieve amazing things as she grows up, but no matter what life brings her..she will never forget May 20th, 2012.


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