What Bit Melanie’s Arm

Can anyone help me decide if this is just a mosquito bite or another type of bug bite?

I noticed it Monday.  I was away in Virginia over the weekend and was outside Saturday night.  There were a lot of bugs outdoors biting up everyone.  I never felt a bite and nothing ever really itched me.

Then Monday night I saw this mark on my arm that was red and then even looked black and blue.  It was almost as if a bug had bit me hard and left me black and blue.  GROSS!

I heard this may be a super bad allergy season and the summer months will produce more bugs than normal.  True or not?  No clue.  I do know that any time I’ve ever had a mosquito bite before it never seemed to last this long or look this way.

Okay..what do you think?  Spider bite? Bug bite? Tick bite?  Larva in my arm?  Oh man..I’m freaking out!

melanies bite What Bit Melanies Arm

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