How Michelle Obama Got Down On Memorial Day Weekend

Beyonce got a huge round of applause Saturday night with her first concert since having Blue Ivy in January.   She performed at Revels Resort casino in Atlantic City for a near 6,000 crowd and one VERY special lady was there. 

First Lady Michelle Obama went to see the show with her two daughters Malia and Sasha.  People were heard yelling “This is history” when Michelle walked to her seats with her daughters. 

In my personal opinion, I think it is super awesome that Michelle saw the show and took her kids.  Who isn’t well aware she is the First Lady?  But, first and foremost, she is also a Mother and wife.  Taking your kids to a concert is normal for some Moms.  Read the whole story about Michelle seeing Beyonce in concert here.

I read my new People magazine over the holiday weekend and Michelle Obama said in the article that if she wasn’t doing what she was in life now what would she do?  She talks about how she’d love to be Beyonce, a singer or a musician.  So, we know Michelle loves Beyonce!  She talks about it here.

Beyonce has been speaking out lately about her recent 60 pound weight loss since Blue Ivy was born in January.  She talked openly about it at the concert Saturday in AC.  She claims she lost 60 pounds by eating a lot of lettuce and doing a lot of exercising on the treadmill.  Read about her story here.

Singer Katy Perry did something fun over Memorial Day weekend too! She spent Saturday night in the Hamptons at a club called South Pointe.  Most people didn’t recognize her at the club since she wore a huge beach hat, glasses and long baggy dress as she danced all night.  Check out the story here.

It seems Katy is bouncing back after her impending divorce with husband Russell Brand.  Check out Katy’s new lyric video here for her new song Wide Awake.  Do you think it was written about Russell?


So, while you were enjoying your weekend with family or friends this is what some of the Hollywood stars and First Lady had on their agenda.


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