We all know they’re part of the controversial show on Lifetime, “Dance Moms” and it’s no secret they don’t get along with Abby Lee of the Abby Lee Miller Dance Company!  But there might be a few things you don’t know about these two outspoken stars of the show! Check them out here.

1.  Christi used to be in the corporate world

Did you know Christi, mom to Chloe, used to be a stockbroker?

2.  Let’s go to dinner

Kelly, mom to Brooke and Paige, is an amazing cook! (She didn’t bring us anything when she came into the studio though!)

3.  Where did they go to school?

These moms are local, local, local.  Kelly attended Plum High School and Christi went to Gateway High School.

4.  Go team Christi and Kelly

Both were cheerleaders in high school and both were captain of their squads.

5.  Kelly loves the dirty

Kelly loves dirty martinis! (my-Shelley’s favorite)  AND!  She loves blue cheese stuffed olives! (again…my favorite).

6.  Christi is more of a teetotaler

Christi’s favorite adult beverage is Sweet Tea Vodka and Lemonade with a slice of orange.  If you see her out, make sure you buy her one!

7.  What does SHE watch on television?

Christi says she does “market research” by watching all of the Real Housewives series.

8.  Kelly wants you to know you can’t touch her stuff!

Kelly revealed to us that she HATES when people drink after her.  She does NOT share drinks, so don’t come up to HER and try to drink her drink if you see her out!

9.  BFFs

Kelly and Christi have been friends for 9 years!

10.  Have seen the world together

Christi and Kelly have also been travelling with their kids FOREVER!  They’ve been everywhere together including Disney World, Grand Canyon and Lake Tahoe.

You can see Kelly and Christi with their daughters at the Doubletree in Monroeville this Saturday, June 2nd. They’ll be signing autographs at 11:00 am and 2 pm.  The season premiere of “Dance Moms 2.5” is Tuesday June 5th at 9 pm on Lifetime.  They are SO cool and we love when they visit us in the studio! Can’t wait for the new season!


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