Who knew when we gave away early copies of the new John Mayer CD, “Born And Raised” a few weeks ago that the grand prize winner would over stay her welcome in New York City?

I guess when your name is drawn as the winner of a trip to the exclusive John Mayer CD listening party in New York it is better to be a huge fan than than not, right? But after Natalie Mikula of South Side purchased an “very aggressive” red dress for her first brush with idol John Mayer and stated her goal was to get  John “to marry me,” we should have known we were in for a mini N.Y.C. staking.

When I spoke to Natalie a the day after she returned she admitted her wine consumption didn’t help when it was time to address Mr. Mayer in person. As she said, “I had to think of a couple of random questions”. I think it was appropriate when I scolded her not having a couple of questions at the ready.

And then came the “and they kind of had to ask us to, to leave” part. Great! Pittsburgh girl gets kicked out of John Mayer party in New York.

One thing is for sure, John will never forget Natalie. And of course Natalie will never forget her time with John Mayer. Well, as much as she can remember after a couple of glasses of wine.

Natalie, because you’re a big fan of John Mayer’s, even to the point of being asked to leave, we’re a big fan of yours. Glad you had an incredible trip.


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