We know she is now hottie, Liam Hemsworth’s fiance and she is famous for her Hannah Montana character but there are probably some other things you don’t know about this 19 year old singer and actress.  Check out some of those fun facts here.

1.  Technically not a pro

Miley has never taken formal singing lessons.  But her dad IS Billy Ray Cyrus so that should count for something, right?  Well.  Maybe.

2.  Getting to the heart of the matter

Miley suffers from tachycardia.  What’s that?  It’s a heart condition that causes her resting heart rate to excel at a faster pace than a normal resting rate.
3.  She gets the credit for this one
Author Nicholas Sparks, who wrote “The Last Song” with Miley in mind, credits her for coming up with the name for her character, Veronica “Ronnie” Miller. Sparks says it sounded “perfect” as soon as she suggested it.
4.  Such a nice gesture on their part
When she was very young, Miley used to go onto the stage after her father had performed, and she’d help collect the flowers and homemade bracelets that people threw at him. Then they would go and donate everything to a local hospital.  Seriously.  That’s so cool.
5.  She’s very devoted
Miley wakes up at 5:00 a.m. every day and reads her Bible, then falls back to sleep. She calls it “her time”.  We ALL need “our time!”
6.  Might want to rethink this thought Miley
Cyrus is quoted as saying, “I want to be Snooki.  I love her.  I’m obsessed.  She’s one of the only people I’ve asked for an autograph and a picture from because I love her and I’m inspired by her.”  This could explain a lot.
7.  Kind of funny, considering
She is a vegetarian, but doesn’t eat anything green.  Aren’t a lot of vegetables green?
8.  A little competition never hurt anyone
She is competitive, at least when it comes to talent shows. In fact, she broke up with her boyfriend in first grade because he was going to be in the talent show, and she thought if he really liked her, he should let her win. But he wouldn’t! Funny!
9.  What’s in a name?
A lot if you’re Miley Cyrus.  In January of 2008, she legally changed her name from Destiny Hope Cyrus to Miley Ray Cyrus.  Ray is for her grandfather, Ronald Ray Cyrus, to whom she was very close.  “Miley” came from her childhood nickname “Smiley”, which was shortened to “Miley” that was given to her because of her constant smiling as a child.
10.  No laughing matter
Miley is ticklish and has said in interviews that she absolutely hates being tickled.  So don’t tickle her.  Seriously.  Don’t.
Miley and Liam have been dating for three years now…But engaged at 19?  Well, who knows.  This could last a lifetime, right?  And let’s face it.  He’s a good looking guy.  What do you think?  Too young?  Will it last?

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