With his recent track record, it’s hard to imagine John Mayer sharing any kind words with the female species. Just yesterday Rolling Stone released an excerpt of an interview with him dissing Taylor Swift where he described her song “Dear John” as “cheap songwriting.”

Despite this, Mayer has seemed to redeem himself for a short while in the eyes of “Call Me Maybe” singer Carly Rae Jepsen. In an interview with Kiss 95.1/Charlotte in April the Canadian singer revealed that John Mayer is her favorite American artist.

“John Mayer’s really rad. I really like him,” she said. “He’s got a great songwriting skill and he’s so dreamy.”

Later, she stopped by Mix 105.1/Orlando and confessed the person she most wants to meet is Mayer.

“I think every person deserves a chance to meet their heroes,” Jepsen said. “So John Mayer, any time you would like to meet I’m okay with that.”

Imagine, then her excitement when she received a letter from the singer himself. She took to Twitter yesterday to fill fans in on just what happened.

Jepsen’s week is shaping up to be that which dreams are made of.

– Annie Reuter CBS Local


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