According to actor Adam Sandler, he embarrasses his 2 daughters.  When I read this story today, I felt very close to it, because I assume I do and WILL do the same to my girls.  Knowingly and unknowingly.

Sandler’s daughters are 6 and 3 and what does he do that embarrasses them?  He told People magazine that he wears shorts a lot and his girls don’t like his fashion sense.  Even though his career is about making jokes, making people laugh and causing people to feel silly from his antics, he doesn’t enjoy his girls feeling embarrassed.  Read all about it here.

Sandler remembers how his Dad used to wear the same pants for one whole week and it bothered him.  Adam also says he notices as he gets older he is caring less about how he dresses. 

Take a look at these two pictures of how I’ve embarrassed  my kids.  I’m sure many more embarrassing photos are to come in my life.  Oh, and some will NEVER make their way into my girls hands.

Here is purple hair.  Bubba made me wear purple hair for something we did on the radio.  I then had to leave work earlier that day to make it to my daughters Valentine’s Day party at school.  Nothing like having that 1st grade Mom helper walk in with purple hair.  My daughter didn’t seem upset about it and some of the young kids actually thought it looked “cool.”

mel purple hair Like Adam Sandler I Embarrass My Kids Too

How about this one.  I like to use the app on my iPhone called CAM WOW.  When my daughters friends came over, I made sure to show them all this picture.  Once again, my daughter just laughed and was a good sport about it.


mel big lips Like Adam Sandler I Embarrass My Kids Too

These both were forced on me.  My choice to look this way.  The day will come soon where I actually do NOT try to embarrass my girls and it will happen.  When that day comes, I will cry a little.  No parent wants to purposely embarrass their kids.  Especially with clothing!  Having 2 girls, I better always step up my game and make sure I’m not wearing things from the 80’s or 90’s…unless they are back in style.





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