Well, he kinda is going back to high school.  His new movie out that he is promoting called “Contraband” has brought him on all the late night interview shows.  He told David Letterman Monday night that he wants to make a wrong a right.  He dropped out of HS in the 9th grade after he was sentenced to 45 days in jail for doing bad things.  Read the whole story here.

So, what Mark has decided to do is take online courses since he has a lot of downtime in movie trailers.  The classes can be completed by the actor and then he will have earned an online HS diploma.

It makes sense since he is involved in the new Taco Bell Graduate-To-Go program which tackles America’s high school dropouts.   Check out the new campaign information here.

I know in Hollywood there are a lot of people that did NOT graduate HS.  Kinda overwhelming to me, but unfortunately true.  I think Mark is a successful, actor, director and producer and Daddy to four kids, so he getting his diploma is admirable.

Mark taking on the Graduate-To-Go program with Taco Bell is showing today’s youth that graduating HS is so very important.  Education first.

Check out Mark’s new movie information here.






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