My wife is still upset with me because I gave her a wrong answer when all of PNC Park was watching her on the Jumbo Tron last year on her birthday. She was chosen to play one of those fun multiple choice games to win an awesome grand prize. I quite honestly can’t remember what that grand prize was because SHE DIDN’T WIN IT!

See, she asked me to stand off camera to feed her the answers to her baseball questions. Even though she’s a pretty educated sports fan, she was afraid she might not get them all right. That’s where the husband, me comes in.

It came down to the final question. She, or should I say, we were perfect to this point.  Just one correct answer away from winning that big grand prize (whatever it was).

Pete the emcee asked the question and waited anxiously for my wife, Marianne’s answer, A, B or C. Before I heard the sold out PNC crowd shouting “B”, I signaled, “C”. This is where my wife made the fatal error of trusting me over the other 20-some thousand baseball fans. You guessed it, the crowd was right. You guessed it, my wife didn’t win the enormous grand prize. You guessed it, she hasn’t forgotten it. She did however win “a very cool Pirates hoodie”, as I keep reminder her.

Talk about being emasculated. In my defense, I did not hear the question clearly. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. And yes, you guessed it, that still isn’t working.

What is one of your favorite PNC Park memories? Please share.

PNC Park Named Best Baseball Stadium In America


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