We know he was part of Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch and he’s starring in the new movie, “Ted” with Mila Kunis.  But there are no doubt a few things you may not know about this sexy man.  Check them out here.

1.  Bubba has confirmed this

Mark DOES have a third nipple.  Yes, you can see it if you search it on the internet, but Bubba actually had the chance to confirm it when he interviewed him.  Although can we REALLY believe Bubba?

2.  Spent time in the pokey

Mark spent about time at Deer Island penitentiary in Massachusetts when he was a teenager.  Apparently, he had a few issues….There’s a story that he attacked, beat and yelled ethnic slurs at two Vietnamese men.  Both incidents were unprovoked by the victims, and in the second attack, Wahlberg beat and permanently blinded in one eye, a man who was trying to help him escape from the police after the first attack!

3.  Maybe this is why

Mark admits to being a drug dealer as a young teenager.  Mark, we’re so glad you changed your ways…

4.  Famous relatives

Through being a distant relative of Madonna, he is also a relative of Celine Dion.  Don’t know how this all connects, but let’s run with it.

5.  He has his priorities straight

The most important thing in the house for Mark,  his kids and a little glass statue of Christ.

6.  Yes, he is a sexy man

Mark has posed for Playgirl and Penthouse….’Nuf said.

7.  Did he howl at the moon?

In the early ’90s, Wahlberg dated former child actress Soleil Moon Frye.

8.  It’s all about him

Mark Wahlberg and Stephen Levinson served as the executive producersof the HBO show Entourage and its premise is loosely based on Wahlberg’s experiences as an up-and-coming film star.

9.  He’s definitely changed his ways

Mark is actively involved in charity work and established the Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation in May 2001 for the purpose of raising and distributing funds to youth service and enrichment programs.

10.  This IS  a little disturbing

Wahlberg served on the Honorary Board of Jerry Sandusky’s The Second Mile children’s charity before Sandusky’s 2011 arrest on child sex abuse charges.  Wow.  Did NOT know that.

If you’d like to learn even more about Wahlberg you can do so here (and why wouldn’t you want to?) By the way, Ted is in theaters June 29th.  Have you seen the unedited trailer?  FUNNY!


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