EXCLUSIVE: Monkeys Riding Dogs On Bubba Show

This morning we met Tim.  Tim has something called Team Ghost Rider.  He travels the country with Monkeys on saddles riding Dogs!

You gotta love it.

They are in town because they are doing the half time show Saturday night during the Pittsburgh Power versus Milwaukee Mustangs Arena Football game at the Consol Energy Center at 7:30pm.

The monkey’s name was Belle Star, and she was a sweet monkey, except she hated Shelley.  Not sure why?  Just freaked out at Shelley.

Then…she decided she wanted to drink my coffee.  She took a few sips and then spilled the coffee every where!

photo 7 EXCLUSIVE: Monkeys Riding Dogs On Bubba Show

Once we calmed everything down in the studio we sent the monkey and the dog whose name was Bob out in the hall to see the Monkey Ride the dog.  As you will see the monkey did not have it’s appropriate saddle, so it did not want to play along as well as you will see Saturday night at the Power game.

Oh yeah….after we stopped taping. The dog went pottie in the hall!

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