I’m embarrassed to admit I bought my mother soap-on-a-rope for Mothers Day one year. The fact that I was like 7 and it was my first attempt at picking out a gift all on my own might be the reason she loved it. Or so she said she did. How lame was that though?

As Father Day fast approaches this Sunday, here are some gifts you still have time to return before you embarrass yourself come gift opening time with Dad and the family.

1) Any T-shirt with “Dad” on it. Seems like a good idea until you realize that it’s the 4th “Dad” labeled gift you’ve given him over the last FOUR years. Boy that, “Greatest Dad In The World” Chia pet was terrific though.

2) A “Hot Sauce Of The Month” Membership, no. “Beer Of The Month” Membership, yes.

3) A Novelty Tie. No, instead get him a beautiful tie that he will wear with pride. He will lovingly think of you every time too.

4) A Coffee Mug. Unless it has $10,000 in it.

5) Underwear…even if he asks for them. It says you couldn’t think of something better. In other words, you didn’t put any effort into this gift or him!!! Ouch!

Happy Father’s Day. And remember Dad, re-gifting is always an option.


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