by Melanie Taylor

Katy Perry has a new video that will debut Tuesday, June 19th on MTV.  It is for her new song Wide Awake.  Check out the video here for just the lyrics.  Lyrically it is one of my favorites right now.  The lyrics, when I hear them ,could be meant for her ex husband Russell Brand and all Katy went through the past year with her divorce.   But, the video that debuts tomorrow, seems to be taking on a different look.

The teaser of the  video was put on this past week.  Check it out here.

What do you think?  I am a bit disappointed.  After loving the song and lyrics and then seeing the teaser, I’m like NOOOOOO!  It looks as if she is going with the child like fantasy/princess video.  Now, I will be okay with it if it promotes not always believing in the FANTASY of men, life, the world.  I have daughters and my oldest LOVES Katy.  But, if the video is not kid friendly she won’t watch it.

I just had this conversation with friends the other day about movies on FACEBOOK.  A lot of movies and even books nowadays sell the perfect life.  The perfect man.  The perfect relationship.  The perfect marriage.  I realize that isn’t how life always works.  You want to as a parent make sure your kids know this too.  Life isn’t perfect.  But, how do you do that at a young age when all that they see is DISNEY?  The perfect prince.  The perfect castle.  The perfect dresses.  As a realistic Momma..I want my girls to be aware that fantasy is just that..fantasy..but, I also don’t want to crush their little girl dreams either especially since I still have young daughters.

So, it looks like I will just have to wait and see what the video looks like in its entirety tomorrow.  Here is more information on what Katy feels about her new song and video.  Look here.

MTV will debut the video June 19th at 7:53pm.

Katy admits the video is set in a fairytale/princess setting and that it is all about her journey this past year of self discovery.  She admits she has been through a lot this past year..some good parts and some bad parts.  All in all, she never has lost her belief in music, which is good.

Don’t forget on July 4th she will release her 3D movie.  Details here.


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