So, on Tuesdays, Bubba Show does Inappropriate Texting Tuesdays.  What does that mean?  Well, we swap phones and text inappropriate texts and then randomly send it to someone in our contacts.  Yes…the last two weeks didn’t go well for me.  I think I’ve actually LOST two of my guy friends.  I sure hope today goes better for me.  UGH!

Well, reading this story today made me laugh.  It is about actress, TV host and model Jenny McCarthy.  She is about to be 40 and about to do another Playboy spread for the magazine.  Well, she accidentally sent an inappropriate text of herself to her sons pediatric dentist.  Talk about embarassing.

Her 10 year old son Evan had a bad abscess on his gum and the dentist instructed McCarthy to take a photo of it and send it to him.  Well, she did, but accidentally sent a nude photo to him instead.  The picture was already saved in her phone and ONLY meant for the eyes of her boyfriend, Brian Urlacher who is a Chicago Bear linebacker.

Check out the whole story here.   Also, check out Jenny’s hosting duties on her new show “Love In The Wild” here.

I’m assuming Jenny’s sons dentist is STILL their dentist.  I cannot say the same for my friends that I inappropriately texted.  I’ve tried to reach out a few times, but nothing.  Now, maybe it would have been better or worse if I actually sent a nude photo of myself.  Wait..maybe I should have sent them nude photos of Jenny McCarthy or any other famous hot woman.


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