She is on the cover of the latest issue of Playboy and yes, she looks absolutely incredible.  And I don’t think they airbrushed anything.  Whatever….Anyway, we know she’s hot, she dated Jim Carrey and has an autistic son.  But there are probably a few things you don’t know about Jenny.

1. Showgirl showdown

Auditioned for the role of Nomi in Showgirls.   It went to Elizabeth Berkley (of TV’s Saved by the Bell).

2. Take a bite out of this

Won a Golden Apple Award (presented by the Hollywood Women’s Press Club) in 1997 for Female Star of the Year.

3. She’s well read, and well written

Has published several books, including Louder Than Words in 2007 in which she spoke about her experiences with her son’s autism. Also coauthored Healing and Preventing Autism with Dr. Jerry Kartzinel in 2009.

4.  Imagine her in a nurse’s uniform

Jenny dropped out of nursing school to become a actress.  She made the right choice.

5.  Maybe not the BEST actress around

She’s won a number of Razzie Awards for Worst Actress, Worst Screenplay and Worst Picture for her work in “Dirty Love” which also earned her husband at the time, John Asher, a Razzie for Worst Director.

6.  It apparently runs in the family

Jenny’s younger sister Amy has also posed for Playboy.  She was Cyber Girl of the Week for September 27th back in 2004 and Cyber Girl of the Month for January 2005.

7.  History repeats itself

McCarthy’s new Playboy pictorial, out now, comes nearly two decades after first Playboy appearance back in 1993.

8.  She may be 40 but….

Jenny isn’t the oldest woman to pose nude on the cover.  The oldest Playboy cover girl, so far, is Nancy Sinatra. She appeared in the magazine in 1995 at the age of 54. Before that, Vikki LaMotta was 51, and Farrah Fawcett and Joan Collins were both 50.

9.  Athletic AND hot
Jenny was the MVP of her high school softball & field hockey team.

10. She’s an interesting snacker

Jenny reporteldy has a weakness for nachos with soy cheese and turkey on it…?? Yep.  She claims to have a big bowl of it once a month…

Check out the cover.  Hey, I’d look like that too….Well, with photoshopping, a boob job, and lots of plastic surgery.  Ok.  Maybe I still wouldn’t …Again, whatever.


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