Cellphone Drops In Toilet, You Going In For It? Listeners Are

The answer is a resounding, “yes” from listeners today. And apparently it doesn’t matter whether that toilet is “used” or not. WE LOVE OUR CELLPHONES AND CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT THEM no matter what we’ve dropped them in. We got the message loud and clear from you.

God forbid we buy a new one rather that fish the current phone out of the murky waters. And based on what I heard from you, I am clearly in the minority since I’ve never had to face the life or death decision of whether to go for it or not. Nothing much grosses me out though so I would have no problem with diving in.

We could just purchase insurance for our phones? Oh wait, what fun would that be? In the meantime, please put the seat down. Thank you.

We learned a couple of things today too:

According to Jennifer, 5 is the limit for dropping a phone in the toilet.

The old rice trick does work.

A “soiled” phone can survive.

And lastly, beware of sewers, too.


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