I have two little girls, so I’m quite aware of what a “My Little Pony” is.  Not a huge fan of the cartoon and my girls don’t watch it that much, but I do have a few go to DVD’s we’ve watched.

Well, My Little Pony takes on a whole new meaning to me now.  Bubba found this article in our Pittsburgh Post Gazette about the fan base of My Little Pony right here in Pittsburgh.   Oh yes.  Read here.

These younger Pittsburgh guys are fans of My Little Pony shows as are the young adults and male teens nationally.  They call themselves “bronies.” … which is a combination of bro and pony.  Why do they love this so much?  Put simply…they love the show and the innocent sweet nature of it.  It is all about magical friendships.

As with any fan base, there is now a convention that has started which the local men attended.  It is called “BronyCon” and it was in New Jersey this past weekend. It drew over 4 thousands fans, most dressed in full bright animated pony body suits with tails.   The fans know that people may judge them since it is a little kid cartoon show, but they say it is a great show, with a great story line and beautiful animation.

They are all about love and tolerance.  Read all about the convention here.

Animator of the series, Lauren Faust, who Hasbro hired has been quoted as saying this…”There are a lot of people upset when they hear that men are watching a show for little girls, they’re taken to a creepy place, but it is unfortunate that they think that.”

Hmmm..What do you think?


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