Fourth Of July Hail

Yesterday for the 4th of July I was hanging out with some friends and having a picnic at their house.  Outside of watching the Pirates game in the house sporatically,  I really cut myself off from the outside world.

That is until late in the afternoon I went on Twitter and started seeing the Tweets about the horrible storms.

In South Fayette we got NOTHING!  No Rain, No Thunder, No Lightning just sunshine.  It was hard to believe what was going on just a few miles away.

Then we hear about Golf Ball sized hail.  REALLY!?!?!?

So I asked for your pics of Golf Ball sized hail….

hail Fourth Of July Hail


That looks BIGGER the a golf ball!

photo 36 Fourth Of July Hail

That is crazy….did it break windows??

picture0705120557 1 Fourth Of July Hail

If you got hail in your area and took pics please send them to me at:

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