Can she seriously get a nicer butt?  Can he seriously get a nicer chest?  Ah..the life of Hollywood actors who have all the money and time in the world to tone their amazing bodies.  Jealous?   I’m allowed.  Right?  Take a look at Jessica and Justin on a Puerto Rican beach playing paddleball here.

Nice right?  Jessica stated to ELLE magazine last month that in order to keep that great body she sleeps well, drinks tons of water, eats a healthy diet and abstains from alcohol!  WOW!  Read more about it here.

So, I just got back from my beach vacation.  Not Puerto Rico, but, the Jersey Shore.  Same difference right?  HA!

I’m not ashamed anymore.  I think it is time I just let go.  I feel I talk to you all daily on the radio and it is time to show you my beach body.  Here it is!

Here is me from behind on the beach in my new bathing suit bottoms.  Ready?  I’m nervous, but it is time to just show you!








butt shot Jessica Biel & Justin Timberlakes Beach Bodies

By: Joe Corrigan
Getty Images Entertainment


And if YOU..seriously believe this is my behind…then believe I have a shot of marrying Justin Timberlake one day.

A girl can dream.  Right?



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