Well, bad rumors about Scott Disick aren’t really new.  Some may have heard these too.  The sex tape rumor has resurfaced and now there is a female speaking out about it.  A girl named Brittany Reicheck who used to hang out with Scott’s friends is saying that these alleged stories are true.  Scott and his friend used to videotape sex with girls and then..STEAL from them.

STAR magazine is claiming this is true and is running with the story, but you can read about it all here.

Of course, Scott is denying these claims.  Especially since the birth of his daughter Penenlope on July 8th, this timing is pretty bad.

Maybe you aren’t even a fan of Scott or the Kardashian family, but no matter, this sucks.

Allegedly Scott and his friend would get these girls super drunk and take them back to their parents Hampton homes and then videotape sex with them and as they’d sleep they’d steal from them.

With Scott having a daughter know, I’m assuming this is something he would NOT be proud of.


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