Fans of Lady Gaga, get ready to go well, gaga over the movie Machete Kills, which features the ‘Lady’ herself.

The new film by Robert Rodriguez, the director of Sin City and the Spy Kids franchise, is the second installment of the Machete trilogy.  The 2010 movie focused on Machete (played by Danny Trejo), an ex-officer of the Mexican Federal Police looking for revenge. In this new film he’s still mourning his lost love, but has now been recruited by the President of the United States to take down a drug cartel. Gaga was cast as the character “La Chameleón.”

The singer took to Twitter to confirm the reports and show off her character’s sultry look. 


Gaga also wrote that she was so excited to be in the movie and that filming was “insane.”

Her Little Monsters are so excited about her official film debut, they’ve even created their own PG-13 rated tagline.

This isn’t Gaga’s first acting role though, the singer appeared uncredited as an alien in this year’s Men in Black 3 and appeared in a 2001 episode of The Sopranos playing the role of “girl at swimming pool #2.”

Machete Kills will hit theaters in 2013 and also features Mel Gibson, Modern Family’s Sofia Vergara and Charlie Sheen, who reportedly plays the President. 

But that’s not all, Lady Gaga also has her own film project in the works. With No Doubt’s “Settle Down” pumping in the background, the singer has asked fans via video to send films that show her what kind of movie they’d like to make with her. 

“It’s not an audition, it’s a free for all,” Gaga explained. “And that’s essentially what Little is. How much can we get away with.”

She will choose her favorite and the winner will get to film a video for her new album, which is due out in 2013. The film will premiere on “something new,” Gaga teased. No word yet on what that means exactly, but we like a little mystery. Submissions should be sent here and Gaga said this whole process will be “quick and dirty” so there’s no official deadline.

Watch Gaga explain her new contest below and start filming.

Breanna Ousley, KYMX/Mix 96 and Shannon Carlin, CBS Local


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