The Fighter Has Real Meaning During The Olympics

I’m definitely not talking about the amazing movie The Fighter.  I’m not talking about an amazing real life boxer either.  I’m taking about a 19 year old USA gymnast named John Orozco.  He grew up in Bronx NY raised by two amazing Puerto Rican parents that did EVERYTHING for him to make his dreams come true.

Are his dreams coming true? Well, so far so good.  John is on the mens Olympic gymnast team and he KILLED it Saturday night with an amazing performance on the rings.  Ever since I listened to Gym Class Heroes and Ryan Tedder’s song The Fighter I’ve been a fan of John.

So what does the song “The Fighter” with Travie and Ryan have to do with John the gymnast?   The song is ABOUT John.  The Fighter is his nickname.
Check out the video here.

You can see John featured through the whole video.  He never gives up.  The lyrics talk about you having to “get up if you fall.”  His story about his life and how he got to where he did is a true inspiration.  Read about it all here.

I am super excited and truly hoping that John makes it far…wins as many GOLD medals he can and gets his family moved out of the Bronx which is one of his goals.   Watching his Mom watch him this past Saturday night was so cute.  She can’t watch and usually hides her eyes until he is about to dismount.

Just to recap some of the USA events that happened over the weekend..or actually just the ones that I caught.

Heartbreak fell for woman gymnast Jordyn Weiber.  She didn’t qualify for the all around.  Read about it here.

I got to see Dana Vollmer win the GOLD in swimming and actually beat a world record!  Read about it here.

How about Ryan Lochte won in mens swimming.  Ryan Lochte won the 400 meter individual medley.  He beat out Michael Phelps among others.  Read about it here.

Late last night I watched the men swimming relay and Ryan came up short for the GOLD for team USA with France taking it.  Read about it here.

The TV ratings for NBC for these Olympics are amazing.  You may be upset that social media is totally ruining some events for us, but ratings are reflecting we are still watching even if we know the outcome.  Read here.





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