My Christian Grey Is Different Than Your Christian Grey

So, the main man I want to take the role of Christian Grey is actor Matthew Bomer.  If you watch the USA show White Collar then you know him.  He also guest starred on GLEE and acted on Guiding Light.

I’m behind.  I know.  I’m only on the 2nd book.  Just like the Twilight series I jumped on the bandwagon.  I admit it.

Hollywood has already been all over who should play Christian.  But, I’ve now developed enough of an idea in my mind on who I think should play the 50 Shades of Grey main character.  A lot of women have agreed with Matt as a choice.  Also, my girlfriends and I have discussed Ian Somerhalder.  He and his girlfriend Nina Dobrev are pictured here.

ian My Christian Grey Is Different Than Your Christian Grey

By: Jason Merritt
Getty Images Entertainment

The Vampire Diaries stars make a cute couple.  Ian has said he’d love it if his girlfriend would play Anastasia Steele.

Do you like both choices ladies?

Well, I actually found Christian.  Who knew he vacationed in New Jersey?

So, we are at the beach a few weeks ago.   I’m on my sand chair reading and I stop when a football comes near my foot.  As I bend down to see where it came from I’m taken aback by this tall and attractive man standing near me.  As I’m staring at him I feel my husband staring at me.  So, the man walks away with his football and my husband says..”You like what you saw right?”  As we laugh and talk I explain to him that he resembles the description of Christian Grey in my minds eye.  So, the remaining week at the beach it became a running joke with me, my husband and my girlfriend that was with us.   We would search for “Christian” daily.  I wish I could post the pic ladies.  Be jealous.  Be very jealous.  I have  him saved in my iPhone for quick reference. Ahhhh….

So, as I explain to my husband how the book outlines Anastasia Steele he came up with pure brilliance in my opinion of who should play her.  Ready for this one??

katie My Christian Grey Is Different Than Your Christian Grey

By: Christopher Polk
Getty Images Entertainment

I think Katie Holmes  would be an amazing Ana.  I picture her playing the role.  I also think with her recent divorce with Tom that this would be an amazing way to MOVE on and jump start her career again.  Do you like her for the role?

Well, whomever plays the role I’m still debating about seeing the movies.  Why?  Because I don’t know how honestly they will make this series without giving it a more than an R rating.  I know they can allude and insinuate and “fake” what is actually happening, but I’m not sure it will be believable enough for me.

We shall see.

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