Ready to head back into the studio to record her fourth album, Selena Gomez admits she has another Justin, aside from boyfriend Bieber, on her mind. The September Teen Vogue cover girl talked to the magazine about her blossoming acting career and what we can expect from her upcoming music.

“Who I would die to work with, but I don’t think he ever would—I don’t even think he’s doing music anymore—is Justin Timberlake,” she said. “Just ’cause I love his music sooo much.”

While collaborations with fun. and Taylor Swift have sparked some rumors, Selena confirmed a few things fans can expect.

“It’s going to be different—a little older but still really fun,” she said.

selena gomez teen vogue Selena Gomez Confesses Shed Die To Work With Justin Timberlake

The down-to-earth former Disney star further explained juggling her role as actress, musician, fashion icon and girlfriend in the magazine, admitting “I’m so bipolar.” As far as following in the footsteps of engaged Disney star Miley Cyrus, Selena is taking things as they come.

“I’m 20. I don’t take anything in my personal life too seriously. I have great friends and a solid group of people I love,” she said. “I feel like everything else will come organically. Marriage and all that other stuff I think will happen once I feel accomplished in every other aspect of my life.”

-Annie Reuter, CBS Local


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