Survey says, “Too Much Hair Gel.”

The question is a loaded one: Women, what turns you off about men?

Boy, did I open Pandora’s box today when I asked that question on the show. The hair gel response didn’t surprise me, but your #2 objection did, “Baldness.” I thought bald was in…bald was beautiful. No?

So I guess the takeaway is, having hair but having it styled to death is actually worse than not having hair at all.

The list went on and on and included hairy backs and sandals, but take a listen to a few of the calls I took today from women who definitely know what they DON’T want in a man.

Say “no” to the no hair look:

Don’t call me Harry:

Cocky is caw-caw:

Men shouldn’t try to get into women’s pants:

Leave the sandals to Jesus:

So guys, grow some hair, don’t put hair gel in it, shave your back, cut the cockiness, stay out of women’s pants and for goodness sakes never expose your…toes.


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