It is a official.  I love boy bands.  Again.  No, maybe they aren’t at the caliber in my mind of Backstreet Boys or ‘NSync, but they are really good!

I went to the Big Time Rush/Cody Simpson concert last night with my 7 year old.  Here she is with our amazing 100.7 winner Chloe who is 9.  Chloe was super lucky.  She actually got the guitar pic from Carlos from BTR.

quinn and chloe I Think Im A Big Time Rusher For Life

BTR is a Nickelodeon boy band who has  had their own show since 2010.  The 4 boys are all 20 something year old cuties.  James is 22, Carlos is 22, Kendall is 21 and Logan is 22.  The show developed in 2009 and it was built after the 1960’s hit show the Monkees.  Check out a cool article about the guys here.

For all your BTR info check here.

14 year old Rachel Crow was one of the opening acts last night.  Amazing!  She sings better than most women who we play on 100.7 now.  She was the 5th runner up on X Factor.

Then came 15 year old future heart throb Cody Simpson from Australia.  I had to turn away a few times.  I felt like a serious old lady pervert watching this hot 15 year old dance the way he did.  WOW!  Little Bieber/Timberlake in the works there.  Here is he on stage.  I took this picture.

cody I Think Im A Big Time Rusher For Life

Here is a picture of when BTR hit the stage at First Niagra Pavilion last night.

btr stage I Think Im A Big Time Rusher For Life

What was really cool is the First Niagra Pavilion security team tipped us off that after 4 songs into the BTR set that they were going to come into the audience and dance.  Well, I was excited for my daughter….and maybe me too.  Ahem.

Look how close Logan is to us!

logan I Think Im A Big Time Rusher For Life

I think this last picture sums up how excited my 7 year old was.  No matter how loud it was and how early we had to be there (my daughter got to meet BTR..nice perk of Mommy working in radio) that face and smile is what makes it all worth it!

q screaming I Think Im A Big Time Rusher For Life


What is great is that I’m here to relive my love of boy bands.  Not for myself.  For my kids.  To see my daughters face get this excited over music makes my heart melt.  I remember those days my love…fondly.




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