I’m sure you have heard by now that Robert Pattinson will break his silence after the Kristen Stewart cheating scandal on Good Morning American.  Yep, they scored the big first interview with R Pat on Wednesday, August 15th live.

Here is the thing.  I doubt they talk about the alleged scandal.  I mean here is how I think it is going to go down.

Josh Elliott:  So, how are you doing in your personal life with all that has been in the news?”

Robert:  “All is well Josh.  Thank you for asking.  I’m concentrating on my film Cosmopolis and my upcoming promotion of Breaking Dawn Part 2.”

Do you agree?  I mean two nights prior he will hit the red carpet for the first time.  I assume without K Stew.  He has been in hiding since they split at his pal’s Reese Witherspoon’s house.
Read about his hide out here.

I mean R Pat and K Stew’s three year relationship was kept extremely private.  Stories surfaced after she publicly apologized to Rob that he was even more upset that she acknowledged their relationship in public to begin with since for years they have kept a low profile.

Read more here about the split and his upcoming interview.

In my opinion I don’t think Rob will dish out too much scoop about the split on GMA.  I assume GMA is super geeked they are getting his first LIVE interview since the split, but if I were the hosts, I’d prepare a whole bunch of questions that don’t involve his personal life.  Now, I could be wrong.  So, I will make sure I DVR it and watch when I get back home from work.

What do you think will happen?  Does Rob have a respectful side and want to keep his love life private and not her Kristen?  Or is Rob so hurt now and ready to talk and badmouth his former lover?

Shelley posted this hilarious video the other day from an actress who did a parody of Kristen apologizing to Rob.  Watch it here.

It is quite scary how much she has Kristen’s mannerisms perfected.


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