Will Shelley And Melanie Ride The Aero 360 At Kennywood

So, we have dubbed this Friday “Put Your Phone Away And Play Day”.  And we want everyone to join Bubba Show at Kennywood that day to celebrate! 

But here’s the thing.  Bubba is trying to get Melanie and me to ride the Aero 360 ride. Claims it’ll make great video for our website.  Love my job but not willing to risk my life for it.

The fact that I have to take my shoes off FIRST already creeps me out.  I have a foot thing and don’t want to have to touch the dirty ground with my bare feet.  But that’s a whole other issue. 

Anyway, Mel and I both afraid of heights, can’t really ride things that go around and around, don’t like fast rides…blah blah blah.  My plan was to go, leave my phone in my purse (but I will still have my purse with me) and eat Potato Patch fries all afternoon.

Here’s a video of the Aero 360, just in case you don’t know what we’re talking about.  Probably not going to ride this, no matter how much Bubba tries to convince us to do so.  (We   Check http://www.starpittsburgh.com Saturday to see if we break down and take one for the team.

By the way.  Bubba Show has one more four pack of tickets to Kennywood to give away on Friday morning!

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