Bubba Show: Shelley FREAKS OUT On The Aero 360 At Kennywood

Shelley is desperately afraid of stuff.

One of the stuff that she is afraid of is heights.  BUT, to Shelley’s credit, on a good day she is willing to push herself to the limits.

Unlike Melanie who is also afraid of stuff, and after a ton of peer pressure, threats and enticements when I finally confronted her she screamed: “Hell to the NO!”.

Oh well….Melanie is wimp.

Shelley grabbed sucked it up and went for it.  Lost her mind….but went for it!

It’s at this point I would like to apologize to anyone that was around the Aero 360 at the time Shelley was on it.   Shelley pretty much swore the entire time.

When the ride started Shelley FREAKED OUT!!!  She started kicking her legs and kicked me right in the shin and busted my leg wide open!  It hurt SO bad….you can see it as soon as I get off the ride!

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