Some people have dreams of swimming with the dolphins and some people accomplish that.  My dream is swimming with the sharks and it will happen.  Tuesday, August 14th around 10:30am I will go to the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Acquarium and swim with the sharks. 

The majority of my family and friends that know me very well, know my obsession with sharks.  I enjoyed shark books at a young age.  I then enjoyed shark movies (Jaws is my favorite of course) and through the years the infatuation never ceased.  I’m constantly reading and watching things about sharks.

So, Tuesday I will be extremely protected ( I hope) and get up close and personal with these amazing fish.  Here is me looking at a lovely shark at the Zoo when I went in March.

mel looking at shark Its Shark Week & Im Swimming With Them

My friend and co worker at CBS sent me this picture on Saturday of a shark house that he feels I should buy.  What do you think?

shark house Its Shark Week & Im Swimming With Them

So, Bubba and Shelley will be video taping me and my JAWSOME experience and we will put the video on the website August 15th. 

I guess you can say this is on my bucketlist in life of things I’d like to do.   I never thought I would do it. 

Take a look at the GREAT segment we do here with the Pittsburgh Zoo called “Animals Are Fun.”

All the details on the 25th anniversary of the Discovery Channels Shark Week is here.

Oh yea..prayers and best wishes are welcome for my encounter with JAWS on Tuesday! THANKS!




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