It is true.  We both really have a lot of junk in our trunk.  Although, mine is much smaller than hers.  I think.  I don’t have sisters.  I don’t date Kayne West.  My family isn’t on a TV show.  I don’t own my own clothing line or clothing store.

So, what is that we share in common?

We both will have swam with sharks.  That is if I actually go through with it today around 10:30 at the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Acquarium.  Thanks to Tracy and Henry from the Zoo who have offered me a chance of a lifetime. 

Swimming with dolphins and sharks was on my bucketlist.  Swimming with the dolphins was much more possible than sharks.  So, when I was offered this opportunity, how do I not jump all over it?  This is perfect timing.  It is the 25th year of Shark Week.  Shark Week details are here.

I guess I can say I have something in common with the boy band The Wanted, Blake Lively, January Jones, Andy Samberg, Kate Walsh, Blair Underwood and Anderson Cooper.  Take a look at all of them swimming with the sharks here.

I assume my face will look exactly like Kim’s today.  Although, maybe I will surprise myself and do this without a second thought.

We have listeners Emily and Bonnie that are vying for Kennywood Tickets today in regards to ME!  Emily believes I will go through with it since I have had a love and fascination of sharks since I was a child.  Bonnie believes that I will chicken out at the very last minute.   I guess we shall see.   This is really a 50/50 chance and both women have an amazing chance at those Kennywood tickets.  Hopefully, there will be great video of me successfully swimming with the sharks at the Zoo today.




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