She’s reportedly the new American Idol judge, (even though that’s not official YET) and we know she had to miss a couple of shows in Europe because of strained vocal chords but there are some things about Nicki Minaj you probably don’t know.

1.  It’s all in a name

Nicki’s first rap name was Cookie.  She then went on to Harajuku Barbie, then Nicki Minaj.  She says fantasy was her reality.

2.  What did the stars do before they were famous?

This one worked at Red Lobster.  Long before she started her musical career, she was a waitress at Red Lobster.  She says she once chased a customer out of the restaurant so she could stick her middle finger up at her and demand that she give her her pen back.  Nice….

3.  What does she do in her spare time?

Apparently, she watches Judge Judy! Nicki says if she had it her way, she’d sit at home and watch reruns of Judge Judy all day, every day.

4.  Not a fan of those who don’t speak the truth

In a video interview, Minaj revealed that she hates one aspect of the music game.  Liars.  She says she’s sick and tired of liars.  She prefers people to be upfront and straight forward with her and she tends to do that with people.  Have you seen her latest Twitter rant?

5.  She’s such a doll

Literally.  Minaj and Mattel got together to create a one of a kind Nicki Minaj Barbie doll to be auctioned off for charity.  She says, “For me, this is a very major moment because it just shows that you can come from nothing and still be a force in the main world.”

6.  Was a drama queen

Nicki graduated from LaGuardia High School where she took part in the drama program.  She planned to sing there but lost her voice the day of the audition.

7. She’s tatted up

And it’s inspirational.  She has “God you are always with me” tattooed in traditional Chinese letters on her left arm.

8.  She’s optimistic about the gay community

Nicki has said she’s optimistic that a gay rapper will one day prevail in the rap game.  She says, “I think the world is getting more gay-friendly, so hip-hop is too.”  She does admit, “It’s harder to imagine an opening gay male rapper being embraced.  People may view gay men as having no street credibility.”  But she thinks she will see one in her lifetime.
9.  Tragedy doesn’t discriminate

Minaj’s cousin Nicholas Telemaque was murdered near his home in Brooklyn, New York Cit.   Telemaque was referenced in Minaj’s song “Champion” in her second studio album.

10. It’s all about the music

Critics have said Minaj’s use of various sexual identities within her music, with some implying that she is  However, she has said that she does not date nor have sex with women.

But the really big story is her Twitter rant.  Read about it here.


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