Melanie Taylor: If Nicki Minaj Judges Idol I’m Tapping Out For Good

Is it true or is it false?  I am really hoping it is false.  I’ve never been a huge Nicki fan, but that is NOT the reason why I don’t think she’d fit on the American Idol stage.

If A.I. wants improved ratings, then maybe Nicki is the answer.  I could seriously see her cat fighting Mariah Carey every single night on that show.  Rumor has it that Mariah is NOT happy with this possibility either.  Here is the ABC link that says Nicki is 100 percent on board to judge A.I.  Click here.

What put me OVER the edge was the past two days on twitter.  I follow Nicki and was appalled at her tweets to fans.  She is experiencing vocal chord issues and had to cancel her UK V Festival performance.   Well, naturally, some of her fans were upset and lashed out at the singer.  Well, what does she do?  She lashes back out at the people that MADE her what she is today.  Instead of tweeting calm dignified and intelligent responses, she drops curse word after curse word and horrible and mean responses to people.

Would you like to see the horrific tweets that are beyond tasteless and classless?  Go here to see them.

Did you see that?  Unreal.  Telling fans to go kill themselves.  Telling upset fans to shut up and die.  Really?  You got into this business knowing that not everyone will love you.    Take the high road and not open up your mouth and put your fans down.

Wow.  I’m venting.  Sorry.  Can you see this bad mouther as an A.I. judge?

I am pretty certain I won’t be watching A.I. if she is a judge.   I don’t even think her apologizing on twitter would make me a fan.

I could never imagine Paula Abdul, Steven Tyler, Randy Jackson, Ellen DeGeneres or Jennifer Lopez taking to twitter saying what she has.  They were ALL past A.I. judges and all are successful singers and stars.  In my opinion they are 900 million times more classy than Nicki.  It can’t just be me.  You agree?

Check out 10 fast facts about Nicki Minaj here.

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