I love when I get into work in the early morning hours and read a story that makes me laugh out loud at my desk. Today was one of those mornings.

I surprisingly was NOT laughing about the ridiculous engagement of Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger.  Even though that is making me laugh today.  Odd couple there.

The laughter was pretty loud at my desk in regards to a Jennifer Lopez story today.  First and foremost she is a Mom and this story was priceless. 

Allegedly, her twins Max and Emme were a little out of hand behind stage at a recent concert of hers in LA this past Friday night. I guess they were being loud back stage and riding scooters in and around the green room and running into things.  Well, J Lo usually doesn’t come out of her dressing room until show time.  But, she got word the kids were acting up so she did.

Reports of what she did next is what had me laugh out loud.  Jennifer didn’t speak.  She didn’t yell.  She didn’t pull her kids into the corner and give them a time out.  She came out of her dressing room and gave the “Mom Look.”

You know it Moms. We all do it.  Have done it.  Still do it.  Relish in it.  That look of “I’m going to rip your hair out if you don’t shape up that attitude and start behaving now.”

Jennifer Lopez is a Mom first.  A Mom that does the SAME things we all do to our kids.  No matter if we are in church or Giant Eagle or at the Staples center about to perform before thousands.  The “Mom Look” happens.

Nice to know she is just a Mom & Jenny from the block.

Read the whole story here.


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