We know she just got engaged to Nickelback singer, Chad Kroeger and we know the engagement ring is HUGE! But there are some fun things you may not know about this singer known for the bitter lyrics.

1.  You probably wouldn’t guess this one

Avril is a hopeless romantic.  She once said she couldn’t wait to get married and wear a veil.  Ok.  She must really be excited to do it for the SECOND time.

2.  Not a street but a pizza

You know you’ve made it when you get a street named after you but Avril has had a pizza named after her at a restaurant in her hometown of Napanee, Ontario.

3.  A case of mistaken identity

Once, in New York City, a guy thought she was a prostitute.  She reportedly carries a pocket knife as a result.  Maybe the makeup was partly to blame.

4.  Probably not a fan of ice cream

Who doesn’t love ice cream? Avril probably doesn’t because she’s lactose intolerant.

5.  You can’t say she’s spoiled

Once, when Avril was looking in a BMW car showroom her dad said, why don’t you just buy one?  She got angry and said she just wanted a used jeep!

6.  Quite the athlete

Avril played on a hockey team at the age of 10.  I think this is truly one of the toughest sports.  You have to skate AND play the game…I have a new respect for her.

7.  Probably not a model student though

Avril was suspended three times for skipping school and starting fights.

8.  When she eats the pizza named after her

She eats it with lots of olives.  LOVES olives on her pizza!

9.  Self taught musician

Avril taught herself to play the guitar at the age of 12.

10. The smell of success

Avril launched her own line of fragrance.  It’s called “Forbidden Rose” and she created her own clothing line, Abbey Dawn, named after a childhood nickname given to her by her father.

Fiance Chad says he knew he was falling for her.  He says working with her was so powerful and something he’ll never forget….Aaawwww…I give it two years.  Ok.  I’m a little cynical.


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