VIDEO: Marriage Proposal Captured At Pittsburgh Train Concert

It was pretty close to an hour into the show at Stage AE Wednesday night when my wife turned to me and wondered out loud why Train hadn’t played the song “Marry Me” yet. It’s one of her favorites.

Turns out the guy standing directly in front of us was asking himself the very same question for a much more important reason. We noticed his nervousness, but at the time we had no idea why he was so fidgety. We learned later that their names are John and Melissa, and Melissa had given John several reasons to be anxious.

His plan was to propose to Melissa as soon as “Marry Me” began. Not only was Train taking their time getting to this portion of their set list, but Melissa had already made John move them from their prime spot in front of the stage to the fringes of Stage AE due to the heat of the crowd. That was nervous moment #1 for proposal-boy John.

Then unsuspecting bride-to-be Melissa told John she was getting tired and suggested they leave. John had already abandoned the people in front of the stage who he recruited to take photos and video of the ‘big moment’, and now the whole plan was slipping away as the night grew late and the magic song was not appearing.

Back to my wife – questioning the playing of “Marry Me.” As soon as the song (finally) started, John reached into his pocket and pulled out a ring that he quickly flashed to us behind his back. Melissa was standing in front of him and still had no idea what was about to happen. We then saw him whisper something into her ear. She gave him a funny dismissive look and turned back to the band on the stage.

John didn’t hesitate as he went down on one knee, raised the ring toward Melissa and said, “will you marry me?” We never heard her answer, but the huge kiss she laid on John was a big fat visual, “yes!”

Once everyone around us realized what had just happened, cameras starting snapping and people started cheering. And Melissa never stopped smiling. I mean not the rest of the night. Oh, and John was grinning from ear to ear too. The plan worked despite the obstacles. And most importantly, after all that, she said, “yes!”

Now if we could only talk Train into playing John and Melissa’s wedding.

Listen to my conversation with John on the air today.

Scott Alexander, 100.7 Star / Pittsburgh


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