Jessica Simpson Says Her Body Isn’t Bouncing Back Like A Super Model’s

Well, that’s what happens when you eat macaroni and cheese everyday for nine months.  Jessica is speaking out about how much trouble she’s having losing the weight she gained during her pregnancy with daughter Maxwell Drew.   She admits to USA Today that wanted to enjoy her first pregnancy but didn’t realize how it would affect her body AFTER the baby was born.  She hasn’t revealed her current weight, nor what she weighed at her heaviest.  But the good news is she IS on Weight Watchers and she appears in the ads next week.

I gained 34 with my first daughter Alex, 28 with my second daughter Sarah (although she weighed more at birth).  Mel gained 46 with her first daughter and 34 with her second….How much weight did YOU gain when you were pregnant?  Come on ladies…Be honest! Here’s what some of our listeners had to say..

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