Shelley Is Hairy: How Often Do You Shave?

I’m sure you’ve heard our Shelley Duffy go on and on about how hairy she is.

How hairy is she? She is sooooo hairy she has to shave twice a day! Really? And this is a single woman. Who exactly are you shaving for? Of course this is Shelley we’re talking about. You know, the queen of the dysfunctional family known as “Bubba Show.”

I’m guessing once a day isn’t even the average. I’ve been surrounded by women all my life including three daughters who have “borrowed” their dad’s razor in the shower more than a few times. It’s been pretty easy to follow who is shaving and how often.

So I put the question to you. How often do you shave? As you will hear, the answers range from every day to every other week (FYI-not married) to twice all summer. I cringed at that last answer too.

Everyday shaver:

Every other week shaver:

Twice all summer shaving:

So where to you fit? And if you’re as obsessive as Shelley let me know what brand of razor you use so I can invest in the company.


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