Seems like just yesterday that Rob Thomas was playing a special show for 100.7 listeners at the Hard Rock Cafe at Station Square. Actually it was more like 4 or 5 years ago. Maybe it just seems so recent to me because I incurred the wrath of my new friend Rob.

And the day started out so well. It was a beautiful day along the Mon river in the Pittsburgh sunshine. The line of listeners waiting to enter the building was long but no one seemed to mind because Rob Thomas was on the other side of the door.

Once in, everyone found a chair as close to the intimate Hard Rock stage as possible. It was orderly but slightly frantic. Let’s face it, there’s not a bad seat in the house.

The format for this exclusive show was supposed to be casual. You know, a few songs with questions from the hosts and guests sprinkled in. A Q & A, Storytellers kind of thing.

Rob is introduced to thunderous applause as nearly every women in the place melts into her seat. He could clearly do no wrong. But, one of the radio hosts was about to. Ah yes, you guessed it. That would be me!

In my defense, Rob Thomas is a vocal animal lover and the whole Michael Vick dog fighting story had just broke. So you would think a question about Rob’s love of dogs in light of this horrible dog tragedy was appropriate, right? That’s when I received my FIRST eye roll from Rob. He obviously loves animals but he clearly thought my question or the seriousness of it was a bit ridiculous in this setting.

Okay, Rob does a couple of more songs and takes another question or two from fans in the room. I have regained my composure by now and have conjured up the nerve to go in for another question. Come on, how could I possibly stub my toe again?

And in my defense (yes, again), how could we not check on Rob’s love of football in the nations biggest football city, Pittsburgh right?. Yes, here came Rob Thomas eye roll number TWO for Scott Alexander. He said something about not being a big football fan and totally blew the chance to suck up to the Steeler faithful in attendance. Can you believe it? He chose to be ‘honest!’ What was he thinking?

Needless to say that was my last question for my former friend Rob Thomas. For the sake of full disclosure, Rob was playful and sarcastic with me and never meant to be cruel or hurtful. He just couldn’t resist the opportunity to kid me. I’m sure it only made him more attractive to the fans at the Hard Rock that day. I guess I can live with that even if if means I was the foil. Rob Thomas’ foil. There could be worse things in life to be.

So, do you dare me to ask Rob a question when he’s here with band-mate Kyle Cook of Matchbox Twenty on Thursday? Just know it won’t be about dogs or football. That’s for sure.


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