We know she’s now a judge on X Factor on Fox and it could be just what her career needs right now.  We also know she started her career in a little thing called The Mickey Mouse Club.  But there could be a few things you didn’t know about Brit.

1.  Even Britney Spears has to unwind

Britney says she likes to relax with candles, a bath and a Jackie Collins novel.  She has been quoted as saying,  “Every night, I have to read a book so that my mind will stop thinking about the things I stress about,” she said in 1999.

2.  She’s a down to earth, sweet southern girl

As a Louisiana native, Britney auctioned off personal items on eBay in 2005 to benefit victims of Hurricane Katrina, including a jewel-encrusted bra and a pair of well-worn J. Crew flip-flops.

3.  Aaaah the memories

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline gave personalized Juicy Couture sweat suits embroidered with “The Maids” and “Pimp Daddy” to members of their bridal party in 2004.  Unfortunately, all that’s left of that union are the sweat suits….

4.  She loved her tan lines

Britney Spears kept a tanning bed on her Baby One More Time tour bus.

5.  She was bewitching way back when

In 1999, she performed her song, “Drive Me Crazy” on “Sabrina, The Teenage Witch”.

6.  Was this a trigger?

Before the shaving head episode, Britney’s aunt Sandra Bridges Covington, died of ovarian cancer, this was January 21, 2007. Word is she was very close to her aunt.

7.  She was actually very old fashioned

As of March 2011, Britney didn’t own a cellphone.  What?

8.  She is quite the entrepreneur

Britney once owned a restaurant in NYC named Nyla.

9.  She’s so flexible

Britney was an accomplished gymnast by the time she was 9 years old!
10.  And yes, chocolate IS a girl’s best friend

Okay, she likes vanilla, but she’s a bigger fan of chocolate.  She’s been quoted as saying,  “Chocolate. Definitely chocolate. A lot of chocolate.” Some of her favorites: Snickers, M&Ms, Twix, Whoppers”.  Guess she likes chocolate!
Thought she did a good job on X Factor.  LOVED the glasses she wore too!


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