BUBBA SHOW EXCLUSIVE: Kevin Frazier Was Right..Kayne West It Is

Kevin Frazier from The Insider (KDKA TV/CBS) is a friend of Bubba Show.  I was tweeting with him last night and he said he HAD to come on our show to tell us about The Emmy’s this Sunday and the Lindsay Lohan drama.  BUT, as of this morning he told us THIS…”I have some breaking news that involves a sex tape.”

He told us this morning that he watched a sex tape yesterday of a very very very high Hollywood profile couple and said this: “I was so disappointed in what I saw.  Talk about boring.  I was shocked.”

We asked Kevin if he thinks this sex tape scoop will hit the news before the Emmy’s on Sunday.  He said ” I won’t be surprised if it breaks later on today and if that is the case, I’ll make sure to tell 100.7 right away.”

Who do you think the couple is?

Kevin said it is a “very very very high profile Hollywood star.”

Kevin actually watched the tape.  Listen to all he said here on Bubba Show.

Well, Kevin doesn’t lie.  If you didn’t hear take a look at the story about Kayne West here.

The tape was NOT with his current girlfriend Kim Kardashian.  It was with two of his ex girlfriends allegedly.

But, like Kevin said..it was a snooze fest to watch.  Although, media outlets are reporting there were TWO tapes.  One 20 minutes and one 40 minutes stolen off of his computer.

Kayne’s lawyer is taking quick action to stop these tapes from being shopped around to the highest bidder to be released.

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