Bubba Show: Shelley Can’t Admit When She Is Wrong!

This might be the dumbest argument EVER.  And I mean EVER!

Yesterday we had to do a photo shoot. Without going into the details of why we were doing the photo shoot I want to tell you about what we had to DO in the photo shoot.

We had to do a photo shoot with our faces pressed up against glass.  So that the glass would not fog up during the shoot, we had to hold our breath while the pic was being taken.

I (bubba) did it….no problem.

Melanie did it….no problem.

Then it was Shelley’s turn.  As soon as she would press her face against the glass, it would fog up and we would say….hold your breath.

She would respond….I am holding my breath!

We would say: We can see you are not holding your breath because we can see it fogging the window.

She would say….I am holding my breath and it is not fogging the window.

Everyone saw it. The photographers, Melanie and I…but Shelley kept denying.

So….you judge for yourself.  She claims she did not breath or fog up the window in this picture!

shelly fog Bubba Show: Shelley Cant Admit When She Is Wrong!


Comment below and tell us how Shelley could continue to argue her point??

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