Do You Have A Favorite Child?

Even if you DID, would you admit it?  Canadian radio host, Buzz Bishop did.  The “daddy blogger” titled his post, “Admit It, You Have A Favorite Kid.”  In it, he admits he favors his older son who’s 5.  He says he doesn’t love one more than the other, he just likes his older son because he can do more things than his 2 year old.  Some are praising his honesty.  Others are shocked that he would admit it…OUT LOUD!  You can read the whole story here.

I have two daughters, Alex and Sarah, and I can tell you, there are times when one drives me more crazy than the other.  But they BOTH do that and I certainly don’t like one more than the other.  And I love each of them equally, but yes,  in different ways.  They are seriously my WHOLE world.  Can’t image ever liking, much less loving, one more than the other.  Even if one can “do more stuff”.  Although, I think my youngest Sarah always thought I loved Alex more.  Honey, don’t worry…YOU’RE my favorite now.  Kidding!!! Love you both!

But do YOU have a “favorite child”?  Would it be something you’d EVER admit out loud?  What do YOU think about the whole thing?

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